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New Album?

Hey,Eike! A big Space Invader here and i really wanted to know when you’re planning to come out with new songs or even a new album. Thank you so much for all your amazing music and keep going strong! :)

- Thank you very much! There is! Eight out of almost thirty songs are almost finished. I don’t know yet how many of them will end up on the album but I’m planning to release it within this year!

Live @ Knust, Hamburg, last week with my new “live band”!

Anonymous asked: Can you tell me how much the Vermona Sandy Organ weighs please?

I think about 10-15 kg!

Lauren O'Connell: Untouchable Songs


Only masters of music should TRY this song. When you hear Nina Simone and Odetta cover this song. You understand the monster of a song you are trying to play. The Animals, Bob Dylan and Leadbelly have tried and have all failed.

As a musician; I would never play this song. If you can’t make…


Wise choice, son.


Wren - No Sleep

  • Going in a different direction.

Bury me in a suit in case I have somewhere to go
And if you wouldn’t mind, I could really use something to smoke
Just place it in my hand, then gently help it close
you know, this’ll make for a good laugh someday, I suppose

And before you put me in that pine box, let me talk
figure out the memories I’d rather leave behind
And before you put me in the cold earth, make it hurt
In the dirt, I could swear that we still had time


In the middle of the summer, when the ground’s still warm
You can hear the thunder coming off the sky like a Trojan horse
In your hometown

Open up your eyes, said my father in a dream that I had once
Now, all I need is time to understand why
But I guess my time is running out…

And with one last breath, I would hold you there eternally and close
with one dead hand as I light the smoke you gave to me to show
That when composed, what’s still morose
Is the final thing that gets exposed

in life