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"We know that light entering the sea is absorbed and scattered. Below 100 feet all is deep blue, shadows no longer exist. Below 2000 feet human eyes are unable to detect any light. Yet thousands of feet under the surface, in a world of eternal blackness, colors are revealed in the spotlights of a bathyscape. The animals of the abyss still possess pigmentation, mainly gorgeous reds and purples that could never have been seen by any fish since creation. Why? Probably pigments just happen to look red or yellow while accomplishing some other nonvisual function. The sense of beauty they convey to the brain of the human beholder is purely gratuitous. The universe far transcends what man can sense, what he can organize into thought, what he can assign a purpose to. Man receives into his brain only a few narrow bands of the gigantic spectrum of messages dispensed by the cosmos. Outside these narrow bands, only slightly widened by technology, man senses nothing and understands very little."

- Jacques-Yves Cousteau (via dannycollage)

(via andrewismusic)


Night Time

Great photos. Cody! That’s exactly how night skies are looking in my lucid dreams!

New Album?

Hey,Eike! A big Space Invader here and i really wanted to know when you’re planning to come out with new songs or even a new album. Thank you so much for all your amazing music and keep going strong! :)

- Thank you very much! There is! Eight out of almost thirty songs are almost finished. I don’t know yet how many of them will end up on the album but I’m planning to release it within this year!

Live @ Knust, Hamburg, last week with my new “live band”!

Anonymous said: Can you tell me how much the Vermona Sandy Organ weighs please?

I think about 10-15 kg!

Lauren O'Connell: Untouchable Songs


Only masters of music should TRY this song. When you hear Nina Simone and Odetta cover this song. You understand the monster of a song you are trying to play. The Animals, Bob Dylan and Leadbelly have tried and have all failed.

As a musician; I would never play this song. If you can’t make…